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Our sensor system provides the right tool for the  control of the level of metal pool in gravity dies or tank furnace and mill trains and the necessary control of supply or reduction of the burden.

Cast front level sensor system for measurement of liquid metals

During curing of metal parts in furnaces changes in the height of the parts may occur due to carburization. The gripper system for taking out the products is controlled by our sensor system. Here it is possible to reach an accuracy of +-5 mm at 1000 °C.

Part control in annealing furnaces

Bergmann Electronics

Custom made high temperatur sensors

Control of the height of the torch of a cutting machine is an important task which demands the use of a precise sensor system. The measurement environment mostly marked by the arc, the welding splashes and the dirt is very demanding for the sensor.

Sensor for controlling the height of the torch of a cutting machine

In furnaces, almost only mechanical limit switches are used for the registering the limits of  pallets with workpieces which are a considerable source of faults. We developed a non-contacting limit switch taking into account the given temperatures, dirt and available space.

Limit switch in annealing furnaces